Armaretec Flex Compact Shaft with AQ Measuring Sensor, Hybrid Technology

From DN 80/500
Minimum flow rate 0.019 m/s
For plastic, metal and concrete pipes
Installation space, minimum length 160 mm
Measurements in both directions
Battery powered via AQ Logger (over 6 years)
Insertable under pressure
Installation in less than 4 hours
Pressure and temperature sensor option
Connector for easy connection to the device

ARMARETEC FLEX COMPACT SHAFT WITH AQ MEASURING SENSOR. It combines two different innovations from the market. The AQ insertable flow meter as well as an innovation from the Bavarian company ARMARETEC, a clean and watertight manhole. The advantage of the complete set is the ease of installation without blocking the pipeline for installation on existing infrastructure. The AQ IoT FLEX COMPACT SHAFT can be installed on all types of pipes. The installation itself is done by digging a hole to the pipe and installing the coupling on the pipeline. The FLEX COMPACT SHAFT is then attached to the coupling with a cast iron cover, which is already fitted with the AQ sensor. The FLEX COMPACT SHAFT is backfilled with soil, can be installed on the road and the surrounding area asphalted. The measuring part can always be accessed with special tools, even if the FLEX COMPACT SHAFT sensor is more than 2 metres deep. This way, in less than 4 hours, we receive precise flow, pressure and temperature data from the pipeline. The device consists of an electronic circuit that counts the rotation - direction and speed of the propeller. With a chip on the electronic circuit, the rotation of the propeller can be monitored precisely and we always know the exact position of the propeller. This allows us to have extreme precision and low minimum flows. Each device is tested on an accredited measuring line (SIST EN 17020) with seven-point calibration, providing extremely good measurements and low minimum flows. When installed correctly (15 x DN at the front and 5 x at the rear), the accuracy is below 3% with a minimum flow below 0.019 m/s. The design of the propeller and the height in the pipe itself also make the device suitable for pipelines with a higher percentage of solid particles in the pipeline. Sustainability values were key in the design as the device can always be serviced. The product has an expected service life of 5 years (depending on water quality) and can be serviced and recalibrated in the event of wear or damage. The hybrid technology allows real-time measurements, which is not possible with MID or ultrasonic technology. This means that with our measurement system every revolution counts, not just interval measurements every 15 minutes. In case we do not have the possibility to work straight in front of and behind the device, our measurements will not be within tolerances, but we will still be informed about the trend of what is happening in the pipeline as well as silent spills or burst pipes. The meter is bundled with the AQ IoT Meter Logger which powers the meter and the communication device via batteries, and runs for over 6 years when set up correctly.

     2G/3G/4G (SMS)
     NB-IoT (SMS)
Device data
     Input 1,2 forward, reverse flow
     Input 3,4 pressure and temperature
     Battery status
     Communication signal status
     Internal power consumption
     Temperature and humidity inside the device
     Valve open or closed (ON/OFF switch)
     Date and time (synchronised on each transmission)
Communication protocol
     AQ Protocol

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