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"Look deeper into the nature and then you will understand everything better."

A. Einstein

Every drop counts

Leak detection technology

Fresh water is vital to life on Earth and is a human right. Only 2,5% of all water on Earth is potable. Population is continuously growing and because the human impact on the natural environment is increasing, fresh water resources have become essential to human life and to all life on Earth. According to the World Bank only 65-85% of all pumped water reaches the final user.

The remaining 15-35% is lost in the water network inefficiencies. The main mission of water distributors, mainly public utility companies, is to enable their customers to live in a clean and healthy environment, so it is essential that they are acting responsibly in regards to the natural environment and its resources.

Because for us every drop counts, we have developed the AquaLink System to efficiently monitor the water distribution from its source to the final user. We are offering you the knowledge and tools to gain full and cost effective control over your water network. This can be your contribution to prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions and preserve the natural water sources for our and future generations.