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Independent infrastructure

AquaLink system is an expandable monitoring platform that enables the public utility companies to gain control over their water network in a simple and effective manner. The system is composed by battery powered field devices that are installed on the existing water district meter and a cloud based software that enables mobile online monitoring.


"AquaLink is ideal, because it allows insight into the system in places where the use of our Scada system is not possible. It is also useful as a support system to the existing system and for detecting water defects."

Istok Zorko (In charge of water supply sector at Utility company Novo mesto)

"AquaLink has allowed us to detect all kinds of leaks faster. I like that all data can be analyzed using tools on the AquaWeb, without exporting the data to another program."

Silvester Cimrmančič (Water supply sector operator of the Utility company Novo mesto)

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